Víctor Brossa and the Art of Conscience

Victor Brossa is the creator and highest expression of what is known as the Art of Conscience or Conscious Art based on the principle that ART IS THE EXPRESSION OF BEING. This manifesto entitled ART OF CONSCIENCE was written by the artist in 1999 and modified in 2013. The document attempts to promote a new form of understanding art, art as sacred and projected to support the vital experience of the human being on its mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healths.


Victor Brossa


1. For the art of conscience everything that comes out of being is art and generates life around creating the perfect stage in which the very same being submerges itself to experience its own creation. The conscious artist knows that everything that he/she expresses in his life affects his vital experience. He knows that everything coming out of him is what will feed his come back, either physically, mentally or emotionally, therefore he focuses on what comes out from his subconscious , ensuring he generates a vital experience favourable to what his will wants and freely choses.

For the conscient artist, his main work of art is his own life, of which he knows himself to be absolutely responsible because it is the ultimate result of his dreams, desires, believes, thoughts and emotions.

2. The ART of Conscience identifies in the vital experience of being the influence and action of two very well differentiated factions that form an essential part of the unity of being. Two faces of the same coin influencing and directlyworking on the creation of life with hardly any contact between them: one is the CONSCIOUS and the other the SUBCONSCIOUS. The Art of Conscience tries to consider both.

3.- Conscient Art believes in MAGIG, understanding it as a hidden science. For the Art of Conscience, MAGIC IS THE SCIENCE UNDERSTANDING HOW TO INTERACT WITH SUBCONSCIOUS WORDLS EMPLOYING THE LANGUAGE OF ART TO DO SO. Magic is able to generate a two way dialogue affecting our lives, in either a positive or negative way, depending on the type of subliminal message that our subconscious receives.
The conscient artist remembers how to use art to bring magic to his life, learning to reprogram his subconscious from what he expresses, in order to direct his creations towards achieving a life more according to what he dreams and desires to experience consciously.

4. The conscient artist embraces his ABILITY TO IMAGINE as a vital tool through which he choses to focus his attention in what he wants to create in his life, creating without limits. For this end, he uses any mean of artistic expression that may help him to achieve this.
For the Art of Conscience artistic expression allows not only to retrieve information from the subconscious worlds but also to observe the mirrors in which our creations disguise themselves and to chose deprograming anything in the subconscious that may hinder our expansion

5. For Conscient Art WE ARE ALL ARTISTS AND CREATE OUR LIVES IN THE IMAGE OF WHAT INTERNALLY WE BELIEVE WE ARE. For the art of conscience coincidence does not exist, even chance is transmitting some type of chosen experience or knowledge.Everything that the artist encounters in his/her life is the result of his creative will and he thanks to each one of his creations the opportunity of the experience, blessing everything that affects his life as an opportunity for self knowledge. This allows him/her to live in the present and create new experiences without leaving open physical, mental or emotional fronts that may affect his inner balance.

6. For the Art of Conscience, LIFE IS A GAME OF MAGIC AND ILUSION chosen and created by the very same being that experiences it. In this the conscient artist learns to go beyond the state of survival, to remember that not only he/she is able to play with joy and enthusiasm after waking up from his amnesia but also that he has the power to recreate the reality of the game in his own likeness, transcending the bounds that kept him anchored to ilusión.

7. For the Art of Conscience CREATIVE STATES ARE DOORS TO INNER KNOWLEDGE able to transcend the boundaries of any program that may be working on us to limit our expression and vital experience.

8. For conscient art, EVERYTHING MATERIAL IS ALSO SPIRITUAL, because it considers matter as just a delusory consequence generated by spirit of the subtle. There are no foolish actions if we undertake them in a conscient manner. For the art of conscience EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS IN OUR LIFE IS SACRED.

9. The conscient artist tries to remain in his/her centre, in a permanent inner listening, loving him self and caring for his needs as he absolutely deserves, always creating from a frequency of love which will allow him/her to express from the integration of the heart instead of doing it from the frequency of fear or survival that may attract to his vital experience the thickness of the murky and parasitical.

10. The Art of Conscience uses artistic expression in order to retrieve memory and transform reality consciously. The conscient artist creates from the unity of the heart and recognises in his/her capacity to imagine the door towards true wisdom.

11. For the conscient artist the meaning of ART is SACRED because to create consciously is to feed from the eternal knowledge that lives and pulsate within every human being by the very fact of existing and being both a unique and indivisible part of Totality


MEANING: “Return to the heart”



CONSCIENTIA was a translation from the greek word SYNEIDESIS

SYNEIDESIS literally means: “with capacity to imagine”.



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