Victor Brossa: The Syneidesis Method

método syneidesis

metodo syneidesis


The Syneidesis Method creates art a la carte for your wellbeing and benefit, recovering the true sacred values and meaning of art ; beginning with a personalised study addressed to understand your needs , preferences and possible inner blockages, the result of which will be the departing point for the creation of what will benefit your growth, wellbeing and personal projection in all aspects of your life.

Our group of professionals belonging to different areas of health, science, psychotherapy and art, place their knowledge at the service of a new form of understanding art and has in Victor Brossa (creator of conscious art or the art of conscience) its founder and responsible for this project. Besides the process of creation of works of art a la carte, considers the mental and emotional effect that the artist generates when he communicates his own energy on each original or copy during it’s making. All works will be designed, created or supervised, prepared and signed by Victor Brossa.

In the syneidesis method, the artist workshop is the blending of the shaman’s sacred space and the alquemist laboratory of the Renaissance, where we support the creation of art as a team, considering this space as a true laboratory able to generate art that may support the needs of each one.

Science, psychotherapy, induction techniques (used in publicity, shamanism shamanism or psycho magic) symbolism, feng shui, holistic medicine and team art to create the works that your conscious or subconscious needs require.

The art of conscience has as main objective to support the evolution of the human being and its mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance, considering environmental health and respect for all the beings living in it.

The syneidesis method uses artistic experience as a way to project improvements and achievements in the life of the individual, as well as reprogramming subconscious blockages that may preclude us from obtaining happiness and fulfilment. The syneidesis method adapts itself to the personal and economic circumstances of the client, in order to always satisfy the vital needs of the human being.

The syneidesis method is undergoing a period of growth and expansion, but with the experience accumulated over the years, we are considering further development in order to generate more professionals in this area.

metodo syneidesis


In the old days, craftsmen were the ones generating salubrious art. Healthy art for daily use supported the vital needs of the group, either at practical and aesthetic or spiritual levels.

The shaman or witch doctor healed, assessed, guided the tribe and declared what was and what wasn’t real.
Everything coming out from the human being was sacred because by “expressing” he gave life and was created in conscience of the needs of the group in order to maintain harmony and balance. There was once a time in which art produced buildings of golden proportions, music that harmonised the inner flux, reflected contact with the spiritual world, designed sacred colours and symbols, textiles, walls or clothes served mankind to remember and nourish its sense of the sacred. The artist never ceased to be a true shaman, aware that what comes out of man will return to him , as the most recent studies in the area of new sciences indicate.

Absorbed and educated by the power of churches , kings and emperors, artists became later on a group protected by their patrons, where the bulk of the population was relegated to a second plane. Painters, sculptors or architects came to have at their disposal teams of assistants with whom they supervised and created designs for their masters , as nowadays do film directors. Removed from the responsibility of the shaman to his people and nature, the artist served his master and wasn’t free anymore. His art was being created to emphasise the figure and achievements of he who paid him, generating subliminal messages to the collective subconscious of the people, expressing and underlying whatever emphasised the power and glory of the one making the order.

Art was used (as nowadays happens daily through publicity and mass media) to manipulate and program the needs, tendencies, beliefs and desires of the population, besides providing pleasure and beauty to the most sensitive. Despite this, many artists like Leonardo da Vinci left in their paintings and creations, messages transcending ,disguised by their sublime subtlety and beauty, the influence and knowledge of their masters. Art able to communicate to the viewer’s subconscious the true sacred nature of the human being beyond manipulation.

The arrival of the XX century and urban life, separated the human being from nature. Artists then began to create an art directed more and more to themselves, their vital needs isolated in a hostile and degraded environment. Art became intellectualised and while a smoke screen supported movements and tendencies removing art from daily life and the sacred, at subconscious levels , the system absorbed the true power of art to establish a true social engineering that thanks to the growth of technology, allowed those holding power to direct the masses as they wished. First were the nazis and after the war, the intelligence agencies and publicity in an official manner, the ones that normalised acceptation of the lie as part of our reality. We embraced , without understanding much and pushed by the lack of reflection that the speed of modernity sometime provokes, a system of sale and propaganda able to induce and convince our subconscious of anything despite ourselves, ignoring even our own conscious decision. This is the power of art. A power that we can use to our benefit if we understand the way in which it operates in our emotions and thoughts.

metodo syneidesis


The syneidesis method was created by Victor Brossa in 2013, after years of experience in the world of experimental art, research and communication. This method aims to create a healthy and conscious art, adapted to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each person.

Following a protocol that maintains several models of procedure adjusted to the economic and vital needs of the client, this method proposes a personalised study, beginning with a formulaire and the option of a private consultation, were we’ll explore the potential a possible subconscious blockages of the person as well as his aspirations, taste and needs.

Once concluded the study, we determine what the client needs are according also to what was expressed in his initial request. With the option of a second consultation and under commercial agreement, we produce a personal dossier protected with specific instructions provided by our experts, concerning colours, symbolism, elements and characteristics that the work/s of art a la carte that the artist will create, must observe (painting, sculpture, clothes, objects, designing a house, etc), as well as supporting artistic acts if any (a video, audio, a prescription or even feng shui in the harmonisation of a space).

Advised by our specialists to reinforce what the client wants to project in a conscious manner to improve one or several aspects of his life. We also consider specific cases that need nothing in concrete, but rather the pleasure of decorating or harmonising a space with paintings producing a specific stimulus, either to relax, beautify, increases concentration or the intellect, etc.where the previous study will ensure the best of possible results.

For the tightest budgets and also based on this method, Victor Brossa has created original standard images designed to project general themes. They haven’t the same direct action as the personalised, but they provide much help for those who feel lack of richness in their lives and have few economic resources, after all there is a collective subconscious and universal archetypes equally affecting us all. Pildorart works according to the same method, but in this case they are art prescriptions working as tablets for daily consumption. This is a fun and economic way to integrate artistic formulas to generate transformations from day to day life.



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